Steam Jet Refrigeration

 Flash Cooling

Steam Jet Refrigeration employs the principle of liquids flashing under vacuum in a chamber. If the flash vapour can be removed from the chamber, the liquid will cool to the required temperature. In practice, more that one cooling stage is usually employed.

Steam Jet Refrigeration becomes economical when both steam and cooling water are readily available.

We have supplied Steam Jet Refrigeration plants to:
The pulp and paper industry (900 kW – water temp 5°C)
Dissolving pulp industry (6000 kW – water temp. 10°C)

FLASH COOLING: utilising this principle, hot corrosive liquids can be efficiently cooled to any desired temperature. Another application is the instantaneous cooling of fruit juices.

 Advantages Of Steam Jet Refrigeration

  • Negligible maintenance required
  • A 100% on-line factor is not unreasonable for water chilling
  • Plant can be fabricated in any suitable material of construction
  • There are no moving parts
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