Steam driven sump pumps

Steam motivated, submerged sump pumps are used to empty sumps or tanks, and generally to transfer liquids. They are especially useful for corrosive liquids or liquids which coagulate on standing. As little as 125 kg/hr of steam can empty sumps etc. at a rate of over 5000 litres per hour.

Steam sump pumps are very useful items of equipment for removing water or other fluids from pits, drains etc. The sump pump can be either submerged or installed above the pit. Applied Vacuum make pumps in all sizes from 15NB to 100NB. For most applications 25 to 50NB are used.


  • 25NB. 3000 litre/hour of liquid using 90 kg/hr steam.
  • 50NB. 5000 litre/hour of liquid using 135 kg/hr steam.
  • 80NB. 10000 litre/hour of liquid using 270 kg/hr steam.
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