Liquid Eductors

Eductors utilize liquids under pressure as a motive fluid to entrain a flow of gases, vapours or liquids.

 Inline Eductors

We supply Inline Eductors for the following applications:

  • Emptying of vessels and sumps
  • Blending of liquids
  • Diluting of corrosive liquids in water
  • Aeration of liquids and effluents
  • Vacuum – Raising
  • Pump priming
  • Transferring liquids or slurries
  • Condensing vapour streams

 Intake Mixing Jets

Pumping a liquid through a mixing jet inside a tank entrains an additional flow equal to three-times the pump flow. Mixing is vigorous, and for larger vessels several mixing nozzles are utilized.

 Advantages Of Intake Mixing Jets

  • Can be fabricated in any materials of construction
  • Resistant to highly corrosive fluids
  • No moving parts
  • Available in all sizes
  • Mixing jets can utilize existing pump capacity
Diagrammatic representation of mixing
Typical Cast Mixing Jets: Material Stainless Steel 316
Typical installation of multi nozzle mixing system in a large tank
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